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tech-powered care webinar series

GrandCare Systems hosts free webinar series on successful technology integration in care models

Arguably the segment of our society that has most strongly felt the impact of COVID-19 is in the aging services industry. Almost overnight, senior housing communities and in-home care providers realized they had an urgent need for virtual technologies, telehealth, virtual caregiving, and video conferencing, to help their residents remain sheltered in place. To help organizations understand, plan, and make the best decisions, GrandCare announced the launch of a new webinar series this June titled, “Technology-Powered Caregiving.”

This informational 3-part webinar series will help you discover the latest and greatest products available to help you and your clients with social engagement, telehealth, remote activity monitoring, cognitive assist and family coordination technologies, with a specific focus on the disabled and older adult population. The series will cover issues such as how to choose technology platforms, the groundwork and infrastructure, if any, needed to get started, and best practices for successful integration into your existing workflow procedures.

Registration is required for these free webinar sessions, which include:

  • June 18th: Technology-Empowered Living for People with Developmental Disabilities (12pm CT) Register
  • June 26: Connected Residents & Telehealth Programming for Senior Housing and Long-Term Care Communities (11am CT) Register
  • July 1: Virtual Caregiving & Telehealth In Professional In-Home Care. How, Why and ROI.  (1pm CT) Register

“In a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, particularly how we perceive aging, healthcare and caregiving services,” said GrandCare CEO Laura Mitchell. “This webinar series will explore the various technology options from video chat to remote patient monitoring to telehealth visits. We will discuss how to implement, and we will have organizations speak about their own successful practices. We think you’ll find it invaluable.”

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For more information about GrandCare, visit: www.grandcare.com, call 262-­338-6147, or send an email to: info@grandcare.com.

Going DIGITAL: all your homecare organization needs to know

Esther Taking BP and Skype

Last week GrandCare Systems presented a 35-minute webinar with real case studies and examples proving that you can save money, reduce staff burdens, and secure new revenue streams.

If you are providing in-home care services, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to learn how caregiving technology can improve your top and bottom lines, make your team more effective, more efficient and enable a larger geographic reach.




What was covered in the webinar?

  • The HUGE opportunity
  • What is GrandCare? 1 Stop Caregiver technology
  • Your New and IMPROVED marketplace
  • The truth about PERS and why it isn’t enough
  • Team-based approach
  • The GrandCare HomeCare Advantage
  • Office Staff advantage
  • In-home caregiver advantage
  • Client/Family advantage
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • GrandCare Implementation Story
  • Sally Roger’s story
  • Assured HomeCare’s GrandCare implementation
  • Cost vs. Profit: Return on Investment

Featured Presenter:

Laura Mitchell, VP Business Development, GrandCare Systems

Laura Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer, GrandCare Systems

Laura is a founding member of GrandCare Systems and was responsible for bringing GrandCares’s product to market in 2006, while aiding in the creation of the “Digital Health” and Aging & Technology industry. She specializes in channel partnerships, growth hacking, and non-traditional marketing and social media. She was featured in Forbes for her social media strategies and has been recognized by several industry media outlets, including Connected World Magazine’s 2014 Top Women of M2M, a nomination for the 2012 WEGO Health “Trailblazer”, 2012 Dealerscope’s 40 Under 40, 2012 “Young Turk of CE” by Custom Retailer Magazine, and the 2011 Mary Furlong Flame Award.

Laura speaks throughout the country at industry events and radio shows on Digital Health, Mitigating Hospital Readmissions Using Technology, Social Media, and Go-to-market Strategies in the Aging Industry. Venues include CES, Digital Health Summit, Mhealth Summit, M-enabling Summit, LeadingAge, AgeTech West, AARP, Connected Health Symposium, and others. She has authored several publications and whitepapers for industry magazines, internet publications, blogs, and books. Laura has consulted for major cable, aging service, and in-home care providers, and has mentored fellow start-up innovators. She was a key organizer in the early days of the EHX and CEDIA Future Home Pavilions, and created the first industry-wide Aging and Technology webinar series in 2008, which flourished for years. Laura was co-founder of the Aging Technology Alliance, an organization encouraging co-ompetition amongst the Aging in Place Technology industry.

Laura is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Madison and lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and two dogs.


Interested in reading more about GrandCare?

Visit GrandCare Systems or watch a short Testimonial Video

Will Home Health Care Get Pricier? Smart Money Magazine Article

I wanted to post the following article on the rising cost of Home Health Care.  To me, it’s kind of shocking how little technology comes up when discussing these looming problems, which are so easily enabled and supported by technology.  Unfortunately, cost of care will just increase as the supply decreases. With the exponential aging boom, the rising cost of healthcare, and lack of caregivers and brick and mortar to support our aging population, we have to start supplementing hands-on care with technology tools. There are plenty technologies available to support caregivers, health professionals, family members and most importantly, to enable the seniors themselves to better care for themselves. GrandCare Systems is just one of the digital home health technologies on the market that provides a technology tool to the care providers. It can help to increase the level and efficiency of care, without having to have a “physical presence” at all times.

Think about how these technologies could be utilized – – family could make sure a loved one was eating, taking medication and provide cognitive assists & reminders. The loved one would be encouraged and supported to better care for his/her needs and chronic conditions. Health providers can monitor vitals and overall wellness patterns from afar. Family & Doctors could video chat with the Loved One right on the touchscreen. Family members can go online to view sensor data, set up alert parameters and add personalized content (pics, messages, reminders, calendar, videos, music) to the Loved One’s touchscreen. Caregivers can choose to receive automated email/phone/text alerts if anything in the home seems amiss (e.g. stove left on, got up during the night and didn’t return to bed, noncompliance, etc). Technologies like GrandCare can be a big time and money saver and can spread one caregiver farther…in essence turning them into a super caregiver… I am hoping that technology really helps to fill this critical void and bridges the family, loved one and professional care providers into a cohesive, connected virtual network.  Do we really have a choice? If we do not utilize available and affordable enabling technology tools (and I meant tools because these absolutely do NOT replace the caregiver, but instead enhance the caregiver and the entire care network), then we will most certainly bankrupt this country, our children and grandchildren…

Anyways – just thought I’d share this interesting article from Smart Money Magazine…


Will Home Health Care Get Pricier?

Nov 01, 2011  blogs.smartmoney.com
By Catey Hill

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced yesterday that its payments to home health care agencies would decrease by more than 2% in 2012. The question for consumers who use home health care services is this: Will these decreased payments to agencies force consumers to pay more out-of-pocket costs for home health services?

Probably not right away, experts say. “Seniors may not feel the effects immediately through Medicare cost sharing, but the reduction might result in greater out-of-pocket costs for non-covered services as agencies increase other fees to make up for the loss in income,” says  Mary Johnson, a policy analyst at The Senior Citizens League, a nonpartisan seniors rights group.

If someone is  eligible for Medicare-covered home health care services, they  probably won’t immediately feel the impact of these reductions in payments, since they currently have no Medicare co-pays or cost sharing responsibilities for those services (as long as they have original Medicare and get services from a Medicare-certified home health agency), she says.  However, anyone who gets coverage through Medicare Advantage  should contact their plan to figure out the  co-pays.

That said, “there’s a considerable amount of home health care services, often the bulk of care, that Medicare does not cover,” she says. “Fees for those services might be impacted as agencies shift the cost to patients.” Examples include 24-hour-a-day care, homemaker services like cleaning and laundry, personal care provide by home health aides like bathing and dressing and assistance to the bathroom, she says. Often these non-covered services are “the single biggest cost of home care for any senior dependent on those services and their families,” she adds.

Seniors wanting to find home healthcare services or to learn more, should click here. For more information about how Medicare pays for home health care, see thePublication Medicare and Home Health Care.

Laura Mitchell interviewed by Senior Care Corner

Technology To Help Seniors Stay Safe & Healthy at Home

Click here to listen to the Podcast

We stay on the lookout for technology that improves the lives of both seniors and their families as a key part of our mission at Senior Care Corner.  When we encountered GrandCare Systems at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, we knew this was a solution about which we wanted to learn more.  In this episode of our podcast we learn together.

We are pleased to welcome Laura Mitchell, GrandCare’s Vice President of Marketing, to join us for a chat at Senior Care Corner.  Laura told us about the personal story behind the founding of the company and GrandCare Systems’ technology and how it helps seniors to stay safe and healthy at home while bringing them closer to their families.

We found it particularly interesting that some have used the GrandCare solution to increase the independence of senior loved ones by linking them via internet to distant family members and other caregivers, which allows at least some to transition from full time to part time in-home care.

In addition to our conversation with Laura, Kathy brings us several news items of interest to seniors and their families and Barry introduces us to the Senior Care Corner Bookstore.

Links Mentioned in this Senior Care Corner Episode

Take a look at Senior Care Corner on the web for additional information and Podcasts.

GrandCare Featured in Smart Money Magazine!

GrandCare Featured in Smart Money Magazine!!!
Gadgets for Grandma
HomeBase home monitoring system
GrandCare Systems; 262-338-6147
GrandCare products combine telehealth and social-connection technology: their sensors transmit information such as blood pressure readings, while their touchscreen monitors give clients easy access to e-mail, news and calendar reminders. HomeBase, the company’s latest system, can monitor and provide regular updates on everything from bathroom scale readings to whether doors are opening or closing throughout a loved one’s home. Cost: $2,000 to $8,000, depending on what kind of sensors you install… That’s expensive, but not as expensive as assisted-living or nursing-home care.

Read more: HomeBase Monitoring System: Gadgets for Grandma – Personal Finance – Retirement – SmartMoney.com http://www.smartmoney.com/Personal-Finance/Retirement/gadgets-for-grandma/?page=7#ixzz0zoQbtGGJ

CORRECTION: Pricing of the GrandCare System can range between $2500-$8000 with a monthly software maintenance & Call-out amount – – This can average out to between $15-$25/day (compared to $200 – $600 per day for skilled care). We have dealers throughout the country, Canada & Australia. There are payment plans options available as well as rental & leasing options. Please contact info@grandcare.com for more info – watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD0qdEZd1PM Thanks to Peter from Smart Money Magazine for covering this important topic of aging & technology and including GrandCare Systems.