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Second Brain


A few years ago a man named Sandy Halperin contacted us. He wanted to know if GrandCare could be helpful for people with Alzheimer’s Disease. We were intrigued by the idea. We asked Sandy if he had suggestions. He did.

Sandy himself had recently been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 60. Since that time he has become a well-known advocate for the care and cure of the disease, especially in his native state of Florida. As his disease progressed he often found himself stopping in his tracks without any clear idea of what he was supposed to do next or what he had already done earlier in the day.

With Sandy’s help, GrandCare developed features specifically designed to provide cognitive assistance to people with memory problems. Sandy especially appreciated the To Do List and Today’s Schedule. Together, these features help Sandy quickly orient himself and be reminded of what he supposed to do next and what he had done earlier. He began to refer to his GrandCare unit as his “second brain.”

Thanks to Sandy, GrandCare is a more fully featured product designed to meet the needs of seniors of all kinds–even those who need help in their battle with Alzheimer’s and other memory-related conditions.

For more on Sandy, check out this CNN report from Sanjay Gupta.

This Spring…coming to a brain near you…The GrandCare Memory Boost

In a not so distant future…one seemingly ordinary man discovers something extraordinary.

This spring, viewers will enjoy the coming of the SECOND BRAIN, “GRANDCARE MEMORY BOOST”



  • Sandy Halperin: playing the ordinary man
  • GrandCare Systems Memory Boost: playing the second brain.

Together – they will fight memory loss and early Alzheimer’s, LIVING up to the challenge!!

You will clap, you will cry! Watch Sandy’s breathtaking performance and GrandCare’s natural appeal.  You want want to miss this!


Cameos by Lauren Halperin & Scott D Feldstein.

Shot & Produced by Laura Mitchell

All rights belong to GrandCare Systems

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Help Sandy Halperin share his Alzheimer’s story!


support sandy

Sandy Halperin has been an unpaid international advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness and is extremely open and honest, sharing his personal battle. His wife is battling cancer and they could use our help!  Please share this with friends & family!!

sandys family
Alexander “Sandy” Halperin, DDS, was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2010 at the age of 60. As a person living with memory difficulties, Sandy has chosen to remain proactive in his quest for knowledge and not allow the disease to define him. As a member of the National Alzheimer’s Association 2012 Early-Stage Advisory Group, Sandy helped to bring awareness to what he calls “invisible illnesses” or medical problems that may not be readily seen by others. His goal continues to be to speak on behalf of patients and their caregivers dealing with a cognitive impairments to a variety of audiences, and to raise awareness and funds toward Alzheimer’s research, treatments and cures.He is being followed by CNN to tell his story and acting as an invaluable resource to the medical and aging in place industry. Sandy does this because he has a huge heart and truly wants to help others. He does not get paid for his tireless efforts. Sandy’s wife is in chemotherapy, which means both of them had to retire much earlier than they had anticipated.Recently, Sandy approached GrandCare Systems to use the system as a second brain. Sandy is a larger than life person, so naturally he quickly became a close friend. This is the effect that Sandy has on all who get a chance to meet him and/or hear his story. He is truly an inspiration to all of us.

GrandCare would like to help Sandy and his family to remain financially sound. Will you help support Sandy’s cause? 100% of ALL proceeds (after FundRazr’s and pay pal’s fees) go DIRECTLY to Sandy and his family.  No donation is too small. Please consider donating today and share with your friends.


GrandCare: My In-Home 2nd Brain

The “GrandCare” System Acting as my
“In-Home 2nd Brain” (so to speak…)

med-set-431The GrandCare System continues to be a solid and substantial in-home 2nd brain for me as I continue to work with the folks at the company. I forgot to take my meds the other evening, but was reminded to do so by the system with a text to my phone, etc. Reminders and events, etc are sent to me throughout each day – it is spectacular. More in the coming days and weeks as I (or others in my family or caregivers input more information into my system). Take care!

By Alexander Sandy Halperin, DDS
De-Stigmatizing Alzheimer’s

Sandy Halperin: becoming a butterfly with GrandCare

Sandy Halperin an Alumni Adviser for the Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Group is a true leader in the “War on Alzheimer’s”, as both an advocate and patient. He speaks openly about his daily life, working diligently to shed light on what is like to live with  early-stage Alzheimer’s and to share his concerns on the cultural stigma and/or embarrassment that effects those with cognitive impairments, their friends and their families. His goals are to raise public awareness on Alzheimer’s, aid in raising funding for research and support programs as well as to provide input to external groups on how to provide the best services for people living with early-stage Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments.

Sandys ScreenSandy is currently working with GrandCare Systems on the development of a new memory care package, for their existing home health technology system. GrandCare features an all-in-one touchscreen system, called the HomeBase. The system is placed in the homes of an individuals who need assistance in remaining independent, by providing cognitive assistance, monitoring basic activities, recording wellness data, and serving as a communication platform. Friends, family members and professional caregivers can access the system remotely via any Internet-connected device to add communications, view activity information and set up alerts to notify them if anything seems amiss.

With Sandy’s help the new “Memory Boost”‘ package will provide GrandCare clients with a SUPER memory personal assistant to self enable longer lasting independence and memory assistance.

My “In-Home 2nd Brain” (so to speak…)

Sandy Halperin

Sandy Halperin

The “GrandCare” system and technology was installed in my home a few days ago to dramatically help me with my memory due to my having early-stage Alzheimer’s and it’s associated short and long term memory difficulties.

Already, for me, it has begun to act like my “In-Home 2nd Brain” as mentioned. I will keep you up-to-date in the days and months ahead as I utilize and integrate the system and it’s huge number of benefits/functions into my daily routines.

I mention this as I am being verbal about my having cognitive problems, without stigma — and I am using any and all aids that I can for me to continue to lead as proactive and active life as I can. This is all as I continue to live in the gift of the present with my family and friends…

As I have said before quoting from a Proverb: “Just when the caterpillar thought that his life was over, he became a butterfly”. So metaphorically, as I live this chapter of my life as a butterfly, I believe that the GrandCare System will help me to live it to the fullest.”