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tech-powered care webinar series

GrandCare Systems hosts free webinar series on successful technology integration in care models

Arguably the segment of our society that has most strongly felt the impact of COVID-19 is in the aging services industry. Almost overnight, senior housing communities and in-home care providers realized they had an urgent need for virtual technologies, telehealth, virtual caregiving, and video conferencing, to help their residents remain sheltered in place. To help organizations understand, plan, and make the best decisions, GrandCare announced the launch of a new webinar series this June titled, “Technology-Powered Caregiving.”

This informational 3-part webinar series will help you discover the latest and greatest products available to help you and your clients with social engagement, telehealth, remote activity monitoring, cognitive assist and family coordination technologies, with a specific focus on the disabled and older adult population. The series will cover issues such as how to choose technology platforms, the groundwork and infrastructure, if any, needed to get started, and best practices for successful integration into your existing workflow procedures.

Registration is required for these free webinar sessions, which include:

  • June 18th: Technology-Empowered Living for People with Developmental Disabilities (12pm CT) Register
  • June 26: Connected Residents & Telehealth Programming for Senior Housing and Long-Term Care Communities (11am CT) Register
  • July 1: Virtual Caregiving & Telehealth In Professional In-Home Care. How, Why and ROI.  (1pm CT) Register

“In a matter of months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, particularly how we perceive aging, healthcare and caregiving services,” said GrandCare CEO Laura Mitchell. “This webinar series will explore the various technology options from video chat to remote patient monitoring to telehealth visits. We will discuss how to implement, and we will have organizations speak about their own successful practices. We think you’ll find it invaluable.”

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For more information about GrandCare, visit: www.grandcare.com, call 262-­338-6147, or send an email to: info@grandcare.com.

Community Messages


Mary Smith, a resident in your senior housing community, has a package waiting at the front desk. How do you let her know? Already today many residents have called the front desk to see if the mail has arrived and there’s not a quick way to let them know when it actually does come. Today’s Bridge Club meeting has moved from 2PM to 3PM. How do you inform the members? There’s a safety issue in your building and everyone needs to meet in a common area. How do you get everyone’s attention? GrandCare’s new Community Messages. That’s how.

With our new Congregate Message Center you can address all these concerns and more. You can send a message directly to one resident’s touchscreen, to a designated group (e.g. poker group), or to your entire Community at once. You can choose from a canned template message or write your own. It’s as easy as sending an email. Select your recipients, type in a subject and a message body, and send. Your message will pop up, and be prominently displayed on the resident’s touchscreen, accompanied by an optional sound, even if the screen is sleeping when the message arrives. The message remains on the screen until it has been acknowledged by having your residents touch a button on the message.

Emergency messages are even harder to miss. They’re outlined in red, and accompanied by a shrill alarm sound. And, you can be notified which residents didn’t acknowledge the message. This is critical when time is of the essence.

Our new Message Center is just the latest in a group of features designed for senior community living. If you haven’t used Flyers or Community Pictures, you might want to check those out, too. The GrandCare Congregate Message Center will be available soon for any GrandCare care portal users with Group-level or higher roles.

GrandCare Systems: Winner, Finalist and Nominee

2013 Best Senior Living Awards Winner

GrandCare Systems was voted Most Innovative Senior Living Product

Best Senior Award 2013Seattle, WA – Feb. 20, 2013 – SeniorHomes.com, an online directory and resource for seniors and their families searching for senior care or senior housing, announces winners for the SeniorHomes.com 2013 Best Senior Living Awards, in the Websites, Blogs, and People categories..

The SeniorHomes.com 2013 Best Senior Living Awards is a program designed to identify the top resources, providers and organizations in a variety of senior living categories. A panel of 21 leading senior living industry experts has completed ratings for the finalists in each category , and winners have been identified based on cumulative average ratings.

Official Press Release

Other Consumer Resources Winners by category include:


WegoHealth 2012 Trailblazer Award Finalist

GrandCare’s VP of Business Development, Laura Mitchell has been chosen as 1 of 5, 2012 Trailblazer Award finalists

Laura Mitchell“Laura was a pioneer in the aging/technology space, starting in early 2005 with digital health technology leader, GrandCare Systems. Laura is one of the core founders whose initial role was to educate the market on the capabilities of technology and how it could help to improve caregiving, health, safety and self-care.”

Official Nomination

Nominated as the City of West Bend’s Growing Local Business of the month for March 2013

“The Department of Development implemented the Growing Local Business program to recognize businesses that are important to the community. GrandCare Systems is a business that most of the community has not likely heard of, but has a large international reach and is doing really advanced things. I was really impressed with GrandCare Systems ever since we met with you in December, and have selected GrandCare for Business of the Month for exactly that reason. I have followed you through our twitter page and have seen never ending positive accomplishments and awards from GrandCare.”

-Amanda Knack, Economic Development Specialist