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Laura Mitchell Selected to Speak at The Annual Z-Wave Fall Summit

Digital Health Technology: Powered by Z-Wave

October 22-25 2012, Edison, NJ

In an economy where markets are drying up left and right, there’s one market that we can guarantee will only grow:  The Aging & Technology Industry.  Every day, 10,000 people turn 65 and this trend will continue for the next 20 years. These boomers are demanding a NEW and sustainable “AGING IN PLACE” model of care.

Delivered by a true integration expert, the solution combines standard protocol-driven ZWAVE technologies – complete with wireless tele-medicine, brain fitness and socialization features.  Laura will discuss the future of this booming industry, the players involved, the GrandCare Systems model and why ZWAVE plays an integral role.

The Annual Z-Wave Fall Summit event brings together Alliance members, press and technology representatives from around the world to learn more about the Z-Wave ecosystem and promote its market leadership. The Fall Summit will include the final training sessions of the year, as well as a tour of the Z-Wave Interoperability Lab, plenary presentations by noted industry analysts, and the Member/Press evening reception and awards.

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