New Revenue Opportunities For Integrators
With GrandCare Systems

Target A New Market, Expand Your Client Base, Leverage Your Existing Customer List, Install More Products And Increase Revenues!

GrandCare is an IP based wireless assistance system for seniors, their families and care partners. It combines aspects of home automation, online communications and healthcare in one package. GrandCare Program benefits include:

New Market: Tap into a market of 44 million family caregivers, and growing!

Easy Return On Investment (ROI): Once you are a GrandCare Authorized Dealer, you are able to purchase a standard system at the wholesale price and sell it retail. Every installation gives you an immediate gross profit with a terrific value proposition for your clients!

Recurring Revenue: Dealers receive residuals from the GrandCare monthly service fees.

Dealer Training: A full day of system installation, marketing and sales training at the Home Controls training facility. Plus, unlimited number of people from your company may attend an unlimited number of times.
For more information or to Sign Up As An Authorized GrandCare Dealer,
call 800-266-8765 x133 or email

GrandCare Creates A Care Triangle
Between Seniors, Families And Caregivers

FOR THE SENIOR: GrandCare consists of a central touchscreen unit placed in the resident’s home. The system provides access to news, weather, pictures, email, reminders and more on the touchscreen monitor. The resident can also play games, search the Internet, listen to music and other interactive activities. No interaction by the senior is required.

FOR THE FAMILY: Family members can stay in contact with their loved-one through GC-Manage, a web-based system supported by any Internet browser. They can send messages and photos to the GrandCare unit, review the safety and wellness of their loved-one, and communicate with the caregivers.

FOR THE CAREGIVER: The GrandCare unit communicates with a wide range of wireless devices to monitor activities of daily living and wellness. Caregivers can access the system using GC-Manage to assess the wellness and safety of the resident. GrandCare can also send an email, text message or phone call if something is amiss or an alert occurs.

FOR THE DEALER: GrandCare is not a one-time project, but establishes a long-term relationship with the senior, family and caregivers. Dealers benefit from design services, product sales, installations, residuals from the monthly service fee and future expansions of the GrandCare system as a family’s needs change.

For more information or to Sign Up As An Authorized GrandCare Dealer,
call 800-266-8765 x133 or email

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