Visionary Long Term Care Provider, Prelude in MN, talks TECHNOLOGY & GrandCare Systems!!

Prelude Homes & Services Offers a New Way of Living

by Alzheimers Speaks Radio Show

Listen as Campus Director, Janelle Johnson discusses why Prelude is so unique in offering technology like GrandCare Systems for better, more connected care. She discusses the GrandCare Solution and their usage between 25:43 – 27:20.  She then speaks more to GrandCare between 42:50 and 46:31

She offers great insight into why long term care communities should use technology and how it makes them a better place!!!!  We need more long term care providers that are this innovative, this forward-thinking and this visionary! Thanks Janelle for this great piece!!

Janelle discusses how they use GrandCare to reach out into the community. They also use it within their property. She discusses it as a communication tool for residents, use for SKYPE and talks about using GrandCare as a residential KIOSK set up in a community room. Below is a picture of what a multi-res kiosk might look like.

SKYPE on the GrandCare System! Helps residents connect with family members!


Prelude Homes & Services Offering a New Way of Living

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Guests Today:  Janelle Johnson, Campus Director – Prelude, and Suzi Shuman, Director of Sales and Marketing – API


  • Providing elders & their families resources to live successfully in their own homes;
  • Providing compassionate, state-of-the art care for those who seek service-enriched housing;
  • Providing a place of peace, comfort, and hope for those desiring end-of-life care;
  • All within a community built on Biblical principles.
See a video on Prelude and all of the features & amenities they offer!