Saga & GrandCare Featured on ITV

How technology is building a new old age

by Darren Burn: ITV News Producer

With 21 million people in the UK over the age of 50 – and with these figures expected to go up over the coming years – the need for care both at home and in hospital is increasing. Of more than 10,000 over 50s surveyed, 93% said they would much prefer to be cared for in their own home if the need were to arise.

Saga has just announced its partnership with US company GrandCare which make units specifically designed to enable the elderly to live in their own home longer.

The computers include sensors which detect if there has been no movement in a home for a defined period of time and will then alert a loved one or carer. The system can also recognize if the person has not taken their medication as well as take blood pressure and pulse readings, all the while updating families and health professionals.

The GrandCare System – which has been in use in the US since 2006 – uses a simple touch-screen interface which also allows video calling and games designed to keep the mind active. Saga has told ITV News that it hopes to release the first unit early this year.

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