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Why wouldn’t available Technology be used for good?

I was inspired when reading this article http://www.itweb7.com/health/healthmonitoring-technology-helps-seniors-living-home/#comment-206084  Health-Monitoring Technology Helps Seniors Living at Home

The author discusses what seems like the obvious, technology actually does help seniors to remain independent at home. But, we need more articles like this showing that technologies have always improved our lives (as a whole) and why wouldn’t that be applicable to seniors too?
***Note that  technology can be abused (like anything else in the world), and should be used responsibly.
Since the beginning of times, enabling technologies have always entered, making our lives easier, better, faster and allowing us to become more connected (distance becomes less of a barrier). Can you believe that people weren’t really even actively using the Internet about 15 years ago? Now look at us today!! How fast the world changed!!! Disruptive demographics have always been followed up with enabling technologies. In the late 1800s, New York City had a problem of too much manure, and dead horses piling up city blocks. A blue ribbon commission was called in to “fix” this disruptive demographic. Their solution was that there is NO solution! In a few years time, they predicted that NY City would be many feet high in manure. Well, as we all know, that did not happen. A professor (Daimler) was in Germany coming up with the Internal Combustion Engine. This enabling technology came in as a solution! Today we are facing another disruptive demographic, the massive aging boom. Technology ABSOLUTELY will play a vital role as an enabling solution. But much like a car, the technology will do very LITTLE good without people (cue the drivers) analyzing and assessing the ADLs and tele-wellness as well as using the tech to connect to their elders and to promote long distance, virtual socialization. At GrandCare, we write the software and use computer hardware, but we say the smartest part of our system is the ‘Wetware’ and that is the person sitting in front of their PC, taking a look at the vitals, looking at the graphs, setting up the alert rules and sending the communications (TRUST THE WETWARE).

GrandCare Systems combines Home Automation, Activity of Daily Living Monitoring, Telehealth Assessment, Social Networking, Video Conferencing and Internet Communications into ONE comprehensive and simple to use system!!!!

www.grandcare.com / info@grandcare.com

GrandCare Discussed on Senior Care Corner Online Radio!

Note from GrandCare: Thanks Barry & Cathy and for including GrandCare Systems in your radio program! This is a great idea and I enjoyed listening to your thoughts!  GrandCare is customizable and fully expandable. We go from a more economic and basic model, to fully-featured, luxury models. Pricing starts low and increases (depending on the model chosen: interactive vs. non-interactive and the sensors deployed).  GrandCare is a complete communication, cognition and monitoring technology – designed to keep individuals safe, healthy, happy and independent at home. Using a series of wireless activity (door, temp, motion, bed, etc.) and telewellness (bp, weight, pulseox, glucose) sensors, a care-partner can automatically be notified if anything is amiss. Family can can connect by two way video chat AND send pictures, messages, emails, videos and other communications to an easy-to-use touch monitor in the loved one’s home. Loved ones need ZERO technical experience to fully enjoy the GrandCare System!  THANKS AGAIN and I am spreading the word on your radio program :)

<a href = “http://seniorcarecorner.com/scc-4-senior-home-technology-1#comment-541“>SCC #4: Senior Home Technology 1 </a>

senior digital home

In this episode we discuss technology that can help improve the lives of seniors in their homes and the peace of mind of seniors’ families.  We highlight some companies targeting the needs of seniors and point out where the consumer electronics industry misses opportunities with the senior marketplace.

Home technology is making a difference in the lives of most people and seniors are no different.  Technology can not only improve the life of seniors but enable them to safely and comfortably live in their homes long than before, even if they are living alone.  Senior Care Corner is following technology for seniors closely and this is our first podcast report.

The largest showcase for home technologies is the annual Consumer Electronics Show from the Consumer Electronics Association.  Our visit to the most recent showed the industry has a ways to go in targeting the needs of seniors with their products.  At the same time, there are a number of companies with technology products targeted to specific needs of seniors and their families… To read more: http://seniorcarecorner.com/scc-4-senior-home-technology-1#comment-541

They discuss GrandCare Systems, a few other in-home health technologies (Presto, Sonamba, Telikin) and the Connected Living for Social Aging: Designing Technology for All (an AARP report)

What is GrandCare and How do I use it?

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JOIN US!  All are welcome!  AgeTek Members and non members welcome!

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Hope to see you there!!!!

Laura Mitchell, VP Marketing, GrandCare Systems (AgeTek Board Director)

Beating Gravity: Avoiding Falls in Elders – reposted from ECare Diary

Reposted from ECare Diary – I wanted to post this for GrandCare Dealers to take a look at. Dr. Rein mentions some very important points, things that we do not think about when examining falls and why they occur. There are certain things that technologies can do to help mitigate falls and other home modifications that can be made to help someone stay at home for longer. GrandCare Systems can be a helpful tool in this, things as simple as automatically turning on a light if/when a person gets out of bed during the night, GrandCare’s Rx Tender Med dispenser can help to dispense the correct dosage at the correct time, remind the Loved one by phone or TV and alert family/caregivers if medications were not accessed.  GrandCare also tries to aid in social connectivity between family members and loved ones. GrandCare is the bridge between the generations, allowing children and grandchildren to communicate the way they would like and the love one to receive communications the way he/she would like to. Family can send pictures, messages, emails, youtube videos, webchat via SKYPE, send calendar reminders and more. This can help to relieve feelings of loneliness and disconnect.   The enhanced communications with GrandCare bring families closer together!  The goal for all of us is to use a combination of personal touch, enabling technologies, home modifications and common sense to help prevent falls and accidents before they happen!!  Thanks Dr. Rein for another great post!


Beating Gravity: Avoiding Falls in Elders

Dr. Rein Tideiksaar – March 08, 2011 04:09 PM

People at Risk of Falls

People of all ages fall, but falls are more common for older people. In fact, losing balance and falling down is probably the most common accident that happens to older adults. Although most people are not usually harmed when they fall, the more falls an individual has, the greater the chance of injury. If you do get hurt, the result can harm your health, your sense well being, and your independence.

Some people believe that falls are a normal part of aging, and as such are not preventable. But this is false. Falls usually are caused by certain health conditions (due to normal physical changes of aging or from illness) and/or environmental hazards in the home interfering with safety. In most of cases, falls do not have to happen. Many of the causes of falling are preventable, but only if action is taken. As obvious as it may sound, a lack of knowledge about the causes of falling and how to prevent them contributes to falling.

It’s important to understand that falls are not a normal part of aging. In order to stop falls from happening, it will help you to understand who is at greatest risk and why. While anyone can fall, there are certain conditions or situations putting older individuals at higher risk. For example:

Poor Eyesight. This can keep people from seeing hazards and objects in their path, and lead to trips or slips. Common eye conditions include cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. When combined with poor lighting, eye disorders interfere with safe mobility and increase the likelihood of falling.

Walking and Balance Problems. Disorders such as stroke, arthritis, diabetes, and neurological disease may affect muscle strength and reaction time. As a result, balance may not be quite the same as it was.

Use of Medications. Taking too much medication or the wrong combination of drugs can sometimes affect judgment, coordination and balance.

Depression or Stress. This often causes people to pay less attention and be less alert to surrounding dangers in the environment.

Lack of exercise. Inactivity results in weakened muscles, and lack of flexibility. This can change people’s balance and the way they walk and increase the chances of falling.

Preventing Falls
The good news is that many falls are preventable. By taking some simple steps elders can greatly reduce their chances of falling.

Doctor Visits
Get regular physical exams even if you’re feeling fine.

Ask the doctor to review your medications for any side effects that can affect balance. Make sure the doctor knows about all the medications you are taking (both prescription and over-the-counter drugs) so that harmful combinations of drugs can be prevented.

Tell the doctor about any falls or balance problems you may have experienced. The doctor may want to check you out for any medical conditions.

Stay Active
A regular program of physical activity is one of the best ways to decrease your chances of falling and improve your sense of well being and confidence.

Try to include such activities as walking, dancing, gardening, and stretching exercises to improve flexibility and balance.

Make Your Home Safer
At least half of all falls happen at home and generally take place when doing ordinary things like walking on stairs, getting up from bed or going to the bathroom.  The best way to deal with any threats to safety in the home is through prevention. It’s a good idea to check your home for hazards that frequently cause slips, trips, or falls and eliminate as many potentially trouble spots as possible. By making your home safe now, you can avoid a fall later.

Checklist for Spotting and Correcting Home Safety Hazards

Keep lights on in rooms that you are walking through. The lighting in your home must be bright so you can avoid tripping over objects that are not easy to see.

Consider a nightlight for dark passageways.

During the day, open curtains and shades to let more sunlight in.

Install extra lighting along the pathway from bedroom to bathroom, by steps and stairways.

a. Sliding Throw Rugs
Check all rugs and mats to make sure they are slip-resistant.

Consider either buying new rugs with non-slip backing or applying nonskid matting to backs of existing rugs to make them secure.

b. Up-ended/Curled Carpet Edges
Use carpet tape to keep carpet edges from curling up.

All pathways should be clear of objects and furnishings.

Make sure stairs are well lit and free of clutter.

Use stairway handrails for going up or down steps.

Pick up things on the stairs. Always keep objects off stairs and steps.

Rein Tideiksaar Ph.D., PA-C (or Dr Rein as he is commonly referred to) is the president of FallPrevent, LLC, Blackwood, NJ, a consulting company that provides educational, legal and marketing services related to fall prevention in the elderly. Dr Tideiksaar is a gerontologist (health care professional who specializes in working with elderly patients) and a geriatric physician’s assistant. He has been active in the area of fall prevention for over 30 years, and has directed numerous research projects on falls and has developed fall prevention programs in the community, assisted living, home care, acute care hospital, and nursing facility setting. To learn more, check out the Doctor’s professional profile on LinkedIn:http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-rein/6/759/592. If you have any questions about preventing falls, please feel free to email Dr. Tideiksaar at drrein@verizon.net.



RT@AgeTek Is custom install missing the boat with “Connected SOURCE”?

Had to repost this – – I thought it was a rather interesting take by AGETEK Chair, Peter Radsliff, and I couldn’t agree more…Connected Source sounds like a terrific idea and I think it could really benefit from having the component that today’s integrators are seeking – the final piece to the puzzle – “HOME HEALTH TECHNOLOGY”..It’s something that EVERYBODY is seeking…because everyone is getting older and 90% of seniors report wanting to stay independent in their own homes.

Is custom install missing the boat with “Connected SOURCE”?.

OPINION: So where does a consumer go to really get help with difficult home technology challenges, especially those that are not easily solved by trying to do-it-yourself? That’s what the Best Buy Magnolia Hi-Fi & Geek Squad store-within-a-store concepts were designed to address. Well, now the custom install community is introducing its own nationwide branded concept, but this time it’s is a store-within-their-showrooms called “Connected SOURCE.”

Described as “Sort of like True Value” as noted in Julie Jacobsen’s CE Pro article of February 23 [here], the Connected SOURCE concept seems like an idea whose time has come. Except that, in my humble opinion, the Connected SOURCE concept is completely missing the boat.

Categories for Connected SOURCE merchandising

© Connected SOURCE 2011

Each Connected SOURCE location will be merchandised exactly alike with seven zones: 1) 3D Theater, 2) DNLA/Skype, Internet, 3) iPTV/Movie Library, 4) Personal Audio & Headphones, 5) Home Networking, 6) Whole Home Control, and 7) Home Theater Control. Hey, but haven’t we heard a lot from custom installers in the past two years that their businesses are hurting selling the same ol’ same ol’? Is special merchandising and branding for 3D TV, home control or home theater control really going to make that big of a difference?

Where is the aspirational vision to tackle a huge and growing market with new solutions to problems people are encountering for the first times in their lives? You know, the kind of forward-looking vision that Magnolia and Geek Squad had over ten years ago that caused them both to be acquired by Best Buy. If Connected SOURCE is now selling headphones because they are cool again, or new TVs because everything people watch now goes “booga booga,” that doesn’t sound like a big plan for the future. If you ask me, it’s more of the same ol’ same ol’ and barely catches up with Big Box Custom, never mind surpassing them.

Here are seven statistics I found that any business these days will find interesting:
a) The 35 million Americans 65+ in 2000 doubles to 70 million in 2030
b) 25% of working Americans juggle their jobs vs. caring for a loved one.
c) 50% of caregivers are responsible for parent care while also parenting their own
d) 20% of family members actually quit working to provide care
e) 90% of focus group participants conducted by a prominent industry organization were willing to pay $50/mo. for services and technologies to stay independent and in their own home
f) 78 million Americans over age 50 controlled 67% of the country’s wealth in 2001
g) In the time you took to read this so far, 17 more people turned 50 years old, that’s 10,000 more every day!

Maybe putting bluetooth-enabled healthy-weight scales and blood-pressure cuffs next to iPads and Beats headphones isn’t really the solution for Connected SOURCE. But if not them, then who? Other retailers and industry leaders are already moving on this opportunity right now. But they don’t have the expertise like the custom install industry does. I hate to see new entrants struggle to create everything new as much as I hate to see the custom install industry completely missing this boat.

Hey, but that’s my two cents. I’m actually happy to see any collaboration towards collective branding and merchandising to help the industry connect with consumers. When you’re ready to go after a really huge market, give us a call.

Peter Radsliff
Board Chairman, Aging Technology Alliance [site]
President & CEO, Presto Services Inc. [site]

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