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Thursday April 7th: 10 steps to Home Health Technology!!

We invite you to join in GrandCare’s Aging & Technology Industry Webinars.  All are welcome to join us! 1st & 3rd Thurs each month

Date:  Thursday, April 7th 2011
Time:  2pm EDT (1pm CDT / 12p MDT / 11am PDT)
THIS Webinar is sponsored by CEDIA EXPO!

Don’t have Access to a Computer? No worries!

Dial in: 1-408-600-3600    access code: 668 422 850

ATTENTION: These Webinars NOW MEET TWICE A MONTH!  The 1st & 3rd Thurs each month (Same time, Same place).


NOTE: If you are new to using Webex and you have questions, please contact us at info@grandcare.com. Some of the initial kinks have been fixed, so please try again. You may opt to ONLY dial in (number listed above)

Topic Description: 10 steps to Home Health Technology

The population is aging and it’s far cheaper and more comfortable to let seniors age at home rather than move to an institution or extended care facility.  While many off-the-shelf home health tech products can serve this population well, it takes a focused business plan to succeed and be profitable in the aging-at-home marketplace.Until now, integrators have shied away from jumping into the home health tech market for several reasons including fear of liability and the inability to make a convincing case for selling pricey systems to consumers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In this highly informative session, CE Pro offers 10 entry-level home health tech solutions to get you jump started in this up and coming new market space.
Webinar Objectives

·  Overview of the opportunity

·  Dealer-to-Dealer Panel – Learn from your peers
·  10 ways to get started – Walk before you run

Sponsored by CEDIA!!!  Sign Up TODAY to exhibit in the Future Tech Home at the #1 Residential Electronic Systems tradeshow. Dealers are seeking home health opportunities, let them find you at CEDIA 2011!

Sept 8-10, 2011
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, IN


800-669-5329 x129


12-2-10 GrandCare Webinar Topic: The Silver Tsunami: How Your Company Can Benefit

Thursday, December 2: Susan Ayers Walker speaks on the Silver Tsunami and how your company can benefit!

Join us TODAY at 2pm EST: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
Optional Dial In listed on the webinar

This call is sponsored by Dr. Marion.

Boomers and their parents continue to be the most powerful consumers in the marketplace, despite an increasingly challenging economy. In the United States alone, there are more than 108 million people over age 45 – a group with more than $2.5 trillion in annual spending power. The 78 million boomers born between 1946 and 1964 make up 28% of the U.S. population and own more than 77% of all financial assets, and the number of Americans age 65 and older is set to double by the year 2030. Your company cannot afford to miss this market opportunity.

Susan Ayers Walker is a leading edge boomer and a freelance journalist reporting on the intersection of technology and aging. Her articles have appeared in AARP the Magazine, AARP.Org, ACM’s Interactions, EETimes, MIT Insider, Caring.com., American Society on Aging Newsletter and other industry journals. She is a nationally known speaker on technology for aging-in-place and caregiving. She has appeared on NBC, and CBS, and participated in a variety of radio talk shows. She is a founding member of AgeTek and the AgeTek Chair of Standards and Innovation. Susan received her BSEE in electrical engineering from Northeastern University and her Masters in Computer Science from Rutgers.

10-22 GrandCare Webinar: Understanding & Connecting the Generations, Harper Tech Group speaks

WHEN: Thursday October 21st, 2pm EDT (1p CT).
WHERE: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
WHAT: Understanding & Connecting the Generations, Barbara Harper, DC of Harper Technology Group speaks
WHY: It’s important to understand each generation’s needs and wants in order to properly bridge the gap and allow all age groups to communicate in a comfortable setting.

Topic Description: Connecting the Generations using Technology.

About Dr. Barbara Harper:
Barbara A. Harper BS, DC
Present Regional Accounts Manager for HTG; 20+ years Chiropractic Physician specializing in brain, nervous system and bone function; Post-graduate studies in Alternative Medicine and Nutrition ; Reiki Practitioner; Currently employed part-time as a Professor of Science and Bioethics teaching courses in Anatomy& Physiology, Biological/Chemical/Environmental Sciences and as a Blackboard Online Course Instructor for Berkeley College, NJ/NY; Penn State Post-Graduate study in Educational Technology. Married to husband Robert for 40 + years with two sons, Jude and Robert, Jr.

This call is sponsored by Harper Technology Group

Thursday 9-30-10 GrandCare Call: Aging in Place2.0 by Louis Tenenbaum

Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (1p Central).
WHERE: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
WHY: We need to work together to build this new aging & technology category!  Remember, the Aging Tsunami will float ALL boats!


Calls created & hosted by GrandCare Systems (since 2008).  Sponsored by various industry participants

9-30-10 2pm Eastern Time
Topic Title: Aging in Place 2.0 by Louis Tenenbaum

This session will review the key points of Aging in Place 2.0 and introduce a roadmap to reaching the infrastructure and business model spelled out in the report. Louis will describe his plans for the Aging in Place 2.0 Institute to create the market for business success serving older folks in their homes that is so tantalizing yet too often seems out of reach. Familiarity with the report before the call will be helpful, though not necessary.

About Louis Tenenbaum:
A former carpenter and contractor, Louis Tenenbaum is now a leading thinker, speaker and consultant on Aging in Place–the idea that our homes are the most desirable and economical place for housing and care. Based in Washington, DC’s Maryland suburbs, Louis helps businesses, nonprofits and individuals formulate and refine design, strategies, marketing and programming for Aging in Place homes, products and age friendly communities. Recently, he authored Aging in Place 2.0 – Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge, published by the MetLife Mature Marketing Institute.

Building a Continuum of Care

Today’s GrandCare Aging & Technology Industry Call – sponsored by Dakim!

Special thanks to Art Carr from Progressive Retirement for offering an insightful look at the current Continuum of Care and how this is changing as we add enabling services (including technologies) into the mix. This changes our entire concept of a Continuum of Care. If you could not make today’s presentation, please simply email info(at)grandcare.com to receive a copy of the recording!

GrandCare Systems offers industry-wide aging & technology conference call/webinars. GrandCare has been selling into private homes & facilities since 2006 and has opportunities for new dealers & providers. For more info, contact GrandCare directly. These weekly calls are open to anyone and everyone in the aging & technology industry each week and designed for us to learn from each other, network, and together help the industry grow as a whole! Like we always say: The Aging Tsunami will float all boats! Let’s all work together to build up this brand new aging/technology category!

Thanks for joining us today (Over 65 joined us on the web and/or dial in number)

Tomorrow GrandCare Webinar: Brainstorming Session

Join us for our weekly GrandCare aging & technology webinar.

When: Thursdays 2pm EDT
Where: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
Dial-in Listed on webinar

Topic: Brainstorming session on selling technology to the aging population. What are the obstacles? How are you overcoming them? How to price technology to the aging demographic.


Your Invitation to Thursday’s AGETEK informational webinar

Do you want to learn more about the new Aging and Technology Alliance: AGETEK???
Consider this your invitation to a conference call & online meeting where we will discuss Aging Technology Alliance membership:
Day:        Thursday
Date:       April 22, 2010
Time:       11:00 A.M. Pacific (2:00 P.M. Eastern)
Duration: 1 hour
Phone (to listen and speak):
dial-in &  password will be listed on the top of the webinar  *(to mute/unmute:  *6)
Online (to view slides, access to public chat and to listen through computer speakers only): http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
The Aging Technology Alliance ad hoc board of directors has been busy getting the organization started: i.e. listening to feedback on membership structure, fielding membership requests from over 100 organizations, incorporating AgeTek, writing by-laws, etc. At this meeting, we will discuss…
– The benefits of membership in the Aging Technology Alliance
– Requirements of Members and Associate Members
– Cost to become a Member or Associate Member
– Creation of an AgeTek Advisory Board
– Introductions – we would like to provide an opportunity for members to introduce themselves and their companies. Anyone who wishes to be allotted one minute to state who they are, what their company does, and what they hope to accomplish through the AgeTek membership may sign-up for a one-minute speaking slot by sending an email to agetek@me.com. Slots are limited and available on a first come-first served basis. Please put “AgeTek” in your email subject line.
Bring your questions, bring your comments, and bring your checkbook because we will be telling you where to send your first year dues, and the next steps for participation and committee formation to start the work of the alliance.

Thank you!

The AgeTek Board of Directors

4-22-10 Virtual AGETEK meeting during the weekly aging & technology webinar

THIS Thursday – AgeTek – the NEW aging & technology consortium (born on one of our thursday calls) will be taking the floor.

when: Thurs Apr 22, 2010 (2p EDT)

http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare (DIAL IN LISTED ON THE WEBINAR)

This webinar will review what AgeTek is, goals and visions, how YOU can join and reap member benefits & discounts.

AgeTek wants to hear from our future members!!!  Every participant is invited to speak during the call.  We will take reservations to speak (first come – first served). To ensure a slot, please email: agetek@me.com or info@grandcare.com.   Prepare to speak for one minute and answer the following questions

1. name/organization

2. What you can bring to AgeTek members

3. What you hope to gain from AgeTek

You must be dialed in to the conference number.  All are welcome to simply join and listen in!!!