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Charlie Hillman Speaks on the “WISE HOME”

A transcript of Charlie’s speech from UCLA Conference on Technology and Aging – September 30th 2009

Beyond the Smart Home:
Aging in Place with a Wise Home
UCLA October 30, 2009
Aging is not for the faint of heart. As those among us with ever lightening or disappearing hair know, with age comes challenge. We become slower in both mind and body. We become weaker. We are more prone to physical ailments. Like I said, while it certainly beats the alternative, aging is not for wimps.

But for all the downsides of aging, almost every culture associates aging with greater wisdom, that ability to see the entire picture and make better decisions.
So as I thought about this topic, and more particularly why the market for technology for aging has not yet gone viral as many in this room, including me, had predicted, it dawned upon me that to really deliver on the promise of a happier, healthier, and safer age in place experience, our homes need to not only get smarter, they need to get wiser.

A smart home detects a fall and summons help.
A wise home embraces universal design and turns on a light to prevent that fall.

A smart home senses the onset of congestive heart failure and calls 911.
A wise home helps one manage their chronic condition.

A smart home detects wandering patterns associated with dementia.
A wise home encourages hydration, provides mental stimulation and social connectivity to delay the onset of dementia.

A smart home helps others to take care of you.
A wise home helps you take care of yourself.

And with hat tipped to my good friend, Laurie Orlov,
A smart home reduces one’s “burden” on society
A wise home allows everyone to be a productive member of society

Good Morning L&G, my name is Charlie Hillman. I’m from GrandCare Systems in West Bend, WI, and it’s a pleasure to be here today.

At GrandCare, we have a mantra – Age Responsibly.
No matter how prepared we think we are individually for our senior years, as a nation and indeed as world, we’re woefully unprepared. And it’s a crisis that is not obvious like a terrorist attack. It’s more like a stream of lava heading toward the village – slow, but just as devastating.
It’s a sad and embarrassing fact that without cultural change that embraces technology, my boomer generation runs the risk of bankrupting our children and grandchildren with our healthcare and long term care needs.
I am puzzled that in our healthcare debate, we focus so much on access for acute care, and who pays but very little on preventative measures.
Perhaps the best thing that President Obama could do for healthcare is to use his persuasive skills to define a new patriotism based tending to your own wellness. Altruism is at least as powerful an incentive as financial reward. Ask not what your country can do for you, put down that bacon cheeseburger and get on that treadmill. And for those who do not think that such social engineering can be effective, let’s consider the clean plate club, a great example of unintended consequences.
So I am bullish about the future.
We boomers have redefined culture in a variety of ways on our trip through the python, and I call on my generation to act once more. Now it is time to redefine aging: to make it better, more self sufficient, and above all cheaper.
Using technology for care is a no brainer. Machines are much cheaper than people.  Machines never take time off, they are totally nonjudgmental, we can easily create more, and they enable professional and familial caregivers to be efficient and effective, even from a distance.
But, let’s get back to that wisdom thing. Wisdom almost by definition entails a holistic view of things. And so it must be with technology. One trick pony gadgets will simply not suffice. The technology equivalent to a holistic approach is a systems approach, either a very fully featured system, or one with significant interoperability.

Five parts to a wise house wellness system:
1) Physiological sensing — easy, getting cheaper, simple vitals are understandable by most consumers, We see many examples out in the vendor displays. They must have user friendly displays, the ability to export, and some method for feedback. As an alpha site for GrandCare, I’ve taken my weight and blood pressure for the past three years. I am very attuned to what affects my blood pressure (cold medication and Chinese food).
I also have the system send me and my entire family congratulatory emails when I meet certain goals. I love getting those, my kids not so much.
2) Activity monitoring —  in deployments of GrandCare, we have seen many more medical problems inferred by activity vs vitals. Excessive bathroom visits point to a UTI, medication problems evidenced by altered sleep patterns, depression from lessened activity, dementia from late night door openings or wandering motion. At minimum, his information can corroborate vitals readings. While such monitoring is relatively easy and inexpensive, perhaps the biggest impediment has been a lack of standards. When we first started GC…
3) Social connectivity  We live in an age of unparalleled connectivity. There is no excuse for the loneliness and social isolation that has characterized aging in place, particularly after the loss of a spouse or the dispersal of families. We have the Internet, and now we deserve age appropriate interfaces for access, perhaps fewer and larger buttons on a touch screen monitor, or synthesized voice for the vision impaired. At the same time, home technologies must support the latest trends. You may not desire a Twitter cell phone, but your granddaughter will, and if you want to hear from her, you better have something that can handle texting (OMG LOL) and an interface to Facebook or MySpace.  Consider it your responsibility to maintain communications with your grandchildren.  Society throughout the ages has benefitted by adding a dose of senior wisdom to the energy and exuberance of youth.  We must stay in touch and it must be with the tools of the young. Plus it’s big fun.
4) Cognitive Assist  — Sensing wellness or activity can provide the remote familial caregiver with a certain peace of mind, but doesn’t really help much unless there is some sort of feedback to the senior. If a sensor tells us that a pill drawer was not opened at the right time, we can be pretty sure medication was not taken. The point is not to just know this. The point is to help the senior manage their own affairs. So certainly, after a hour drive a reminder to the TV. After another hour, give the senior a call with a reminder. Only after that should we get the caregiver involved. Once again, we need an age appropriate interface. As one ages, they tend to forget what they most recently learned. So, TV, phone. R2D2 pill dispenser will probably be unplugged. Malta.
5) Home control – These are traditional smart home functions: control lights/temperature. This speaks less to chronic condition than to accidents. One of the leading drivers to assisted living is falls. So, as long as we are putting a smart system in, why not turn on a light at night when someone gets out of the bed. Mitigate falls, cognitive assist. It’s easy and effective and its green.
Thank you

– A transcript of Charlie Hillman’s speech at the UCLA conference last Friday September 30th.

Recap of Connected Health Symposium by Donna Cusano

Thurs 22 October: Afternoon and Final

The final full breakout I attended was also with Laurie Orlov (aka Agent 99) here very firmly in her space – Get (Your House) Smart: Aging in Place, at Home, Aided by Technology. Joined by Charles Hillman of GrandCare Systems, Joe Coughlin, PhD of MIT AgeLab, Tom Ryden of North End Technologies and moderated by Marc Holland of System Research Services, this panel had much to say in their 50 minutes and could have easily filled an additional engaging 15.

This area is where much real-world tech is happening, but adoption has a long way to go.

The ‘smart house’ for Dr. Coughlin is the nexus of innovation, hardware, software and health information. It is not about devices but lifestyle and services, not about making up for health ‘loss’ but ‘gain’. The current business model is now oriented to what Medicare will reimburse (not much) and nothing is right in terms of the technology. Right now it is all about a home for those who are obviously old and frail – the paradox is that if you design a home for them, no one will buy it, including the old and frail.

Mr. Hillman approached the smart house as (Gregory) House – we’ve become masters of acute care, but not very good at assisting independent living and aging ‘responsibly’. Systems should be designed holistically and include 1) physiologic sensing (vital signs), 2) activity monitoring, 3) social connectedness and 4) home controls that light rooms at night, turn on outside lights, etc. The service he developed, GrandCare, has incorporated all four.

The smart home in Ms. Orlov’s view uses technology to more tightly connect the senior to others and to be safe, through communications and engagement, home safety and security, health and wellness and continuous learning and participation in social networks. Older people ARE interested in technology – broadband is being adopted by them in increasing numbers. But it has to be acceptable to the senior and can’t be imposed by family.

Mr. Ryden added robotics to the smart home, especially the development of small robots that can aid in everyday activities (versus the Japanese model of robopets for socialization).

Mr. Hillman pointed out that ADL (activities of daily living) monitoring is growing; currently it is largely a private pay service as LTC insurance and Medicare do not pay for it at present. LTC insurance should be paying for monitoring and other smart home assistive services, as they do for home care.

Homes, especially in this tired market, need something extra to sell and older homes need to upgrade; as Mr. Ryden put it, the ideal for technology would be ‘available at Best Buy’ and reimbursable. But the potential disrupters – home builders and remodelers–seem to avoid the older market except for ‘senior communities.’ Ms. Orlov described attempting to work with builders in her state, Florida, to create a ‘smart home’ demo incorporating universal design and technology in one of those plentiful unsold homes, and amazingly has not succeeded as of yet. (Keep trying, Laurie!)

NORCs – naturally occurring retirement communities – often need upgrading. And alternatives such as ‘intentional communities’ must be explored for the rising single population, especially those in the suburbs and exurbs. If they would realize it, the real disrupters and the new model may be via home builders, retailers and (Dr. Coughlin) utility companies. (In the US utilities are increasing selling ‘value added’ in products and services.)

Current technology is NOT fun, interactive or particularly desired to consumers. If it were, it could be a lot more appealing and useful. So where are the game designers? In fact, as Ms. Orlov pointed out, the terminology – aging – is terrifying; large companies are avoiding it in their messaging and we don’t have good terminology to replace it. Her final note: ‘patients’ are really people, and we should be referring to them that way.

A tip of the hat to Laurie Orlov’s Aging In Place Technology blog and her POV on the Symposium

Tomorrow Patrece Banks speaks on Assistive Technology: Knowledge Gaps – Risk Management Issues & the Medical Device Link

10-29-09 2pm EDT/1pm CDT/12n MDT/11am PDT


Topic: Assistive Technology: Knowledge Gaps – Risk Management Issues & the Medical Device Link by Patrece Banks

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3. Topic: Assistive Technology: Knowledge Gaps – Risk Management Issues & the Medical Device Link

Patrece Banks has spent the last 5 years researching falls, mobility issues relating to medical devices and assistive technology devices. Mobility is key to independence and devices play a major role yet little is understood when it comes to intended use, safety, risk management and paying for it. The correlation between assistive technology and medical devices is not understood although medical devices are coming to the forefront in areas of safety, efficacy and intended use.

In 2008 Patrece Banks was recognized as one of the most innovative product designers for Outta Bed®. She is the Aging-In-Place Columnist for Baby Boomer Knowledge Center and a participant in the FDA Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup. Patrece is a consultant, innovator, speaker and writer focusing on Seniors/Boomers, risk management, and Aging-In-Place issues.

4. Next week: Susan Ayers Walker from Smart Silvers speaks. Susan writes for consumers about technology and aging — her work can be seen on AARP.ORG, Silvers Sunmmit , Caring.com and various other sources

This weekly Industry meeting was designed to increase exposure within this 20 billion dollar aging and technology industry. This webinar is free & open to all. About your host: GrandCare Systems is a complete communication, cognition and wellness technology allowing individuals to remain independent, safe & healthy at home. For more information visit: www.grandcare.com. GrandCare is now accepting dealers. To find out more about our dealer program, contact gcsales@homecontrols.com

Hope to catch you on the call tomorrow!

Laura Mitchell
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5-5-11 Pricing Your Technology Solution: The MILLION Dollar Question. Panelists, Laurie Orlov, Charlie Hillman discuss what you should and shouldn’t do when pricing your technology to customers.

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6-3-10 Sponsored by PRESTO!  TOPIC:  The importance of social media and marketing to the Boomer Woman (Stephen Reily, VibrantNation.com, speaks)

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10-29-09 Patrece Banks of Invisible Caregiver speaks on Assistive Technology, the knowledge gaps, risk management issues & medical devices

11-5-09 Susan Ayers Walker of Smart Silvers Alliance: The Silver Summit and trends in the aging market

11-12-09 Serge Kogan speaks“Who sells what to whom in the remote patient-monitoring market”

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This Thursday’s call Topic – Marketing to Seniors & Caregivers using the Internet


This Thursday’s Aging & Tech Web Meeting

Topic: Using the Internet as a marketing tool to boomers and their aging parents by Carol Marak (Carebuzz)

When: Thursday 10-22-09 2p Eastern/1pm Central/12n Mountain/11a Pacific

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1. Introduction & Announcements
– Electronic House Expo: Home Health Technology Pavilion.  Dealer and Technology vendor opportunities.
– Upcoming Authorized GrandCare Dealer Webinar.

2.Carol Marak, founder of CareBuzz, offers her perspective: reaching adult children, the caregivers and decision makers, of aging parents through the Internet.  CareBuzz delivers relevant content on healthy aging news and trends via blogs that connect family & friends of seniors to local resources. http://carebuzz.com/

3. Next week’s topic: Patrece Banks (Assistive Technology): Knowledge gaps, Risk Management Issues & The Medical Device Link.

4. Wrap-Up

This call is brought to you by in-home technology, GrandCare Systems: www.grandcare.com. These calls were designed to bring about a group of visionary individuals to learn from each other, network and grow! These calls are open to anyone and everyone at no charge. If you are interested in speaking, or have a topic suggestion, please reply to: info@grandcare.com

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Emotional Networking – Telecare Aware

An Article from Telecare Aware – Donna Cusano

Now ’emotional networking’

“Another debut at Health 2.0, currently in ‘stealth mode’ (their terminology), is Emota.net.  Their device, a touch screen monitor, is designed to keep seniors in touch with families with a picture-frame like monitor touch screen and messaging.  The interface with caregivers and families is through an iPhone app, web widget or (for professionals) dashboard.  Their claim is that ’emotional networking’ is a new concept, but it is already part of at least one remote monitoring service, GrandCare.  Promised is integration with telecare remote monitoring, telehealth applications and PHRs…” – Donna Cusano – Telecare Aware

Hey Donna, Thanks for writing! As individuals age, we tend to mostly focus on the immediate physical needs. ADLs, Chronic Disease Mgmt, etc.Emota is so right to also focus on the emotional well-being of the seniors.

Socialization, Brain Fitness, Connectedness is so important to overall wellness – Happiness!

Why shouldn’t seniors be able to benefit from the current technology that is out there and available? Grandchildren can now communicate with Grandma the same way they do with their other contacts – virtually. The best part of these new technologies – Grandma doesn’t have to know ANYTHING about technology to benefit from it!

Thanks for posting!

Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems

Every year GrandCare exhibits at EHX *Electronic House Expo.  It’s always been a great show for us and has given us many dealer leads, new dealer sign-ups.  EHX is hosted in Orlando every March and caters to a wide variety of integrators, dealers, installers, etc.  These dealers are often interested in getting involved with this new market (home health technology), especially when there are residuals/recurring revenues involved for them. http://www.ehxweb.com/spring2010 This year’s conference will be March 24-27 2010.  Over 8,000 industry professionals and hundreds of exhibiting companies participate in this show every year.
The theme of the 2010 conference is “New Opportunities”.  Many dealers are coming to learn about the home healthcare market and how they can get onboard.  I am creating a home health technology pavilion along with a few conference sessions for dealers about this industry, demographics, technologies available, etc.  I will do significant marketing to gain exposure before the event, and to ensure good dealer attendance.  In the past, dealers have come to EHX ONLY to learn more about these opportunities.   And with the changing times, we expect these numbers to increase significantly. Included in the booth will be a presentation stage with mic and a/v equipment so each vendor will have some presentation time to demo/present the product to a larger audience.  You will be able to do this multiple times throughout the show.  Booth space, carpeting, electricity, signage, etc. will all be included as well.
I am going to keep the all-inclusive exhibiting cost very reasonable and with our technology companies united, we will have a strong presence and large pavilion space.
I am in the beginning stages of getting participants together, submitting press releases, arranging for radio interviews and setting up session speakers.  We are seeking dealers to attend the conference sessions, learn more about the market and opportunities with home health technology.  We are seeking exhibitors and potential speakers for our panels and conference sessions.
Please contact me for more details.  262-338-6147
Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems