Question/Answers from today’s Home Health Tech Webinar: NAHB/CEDIA

Thanks to NAHB & CEDIA for allowing me to speak on the webinar: Home Health Technology: A $20 Billion Industry”. We had 150 signed up, an amazing amount of interest! Thanks to all who attended!

Below are some questions I received after the webinar – I wanted to share with everyone!

1. Are there any systems on the market that identify through some sort of floor sweep that someone has fallen. Sometimes clients are not able to push the button. There are some “smart floor” applications that are out there. These can be costly solutions. Sometimes motion detection can pick up things like this. For example, excessive motion on the foot of the stairs, got up during the night & didn’t return to bed within a given parameter. There are all sorts of ways that we might know if something is “amiss”

2. I own MJW Home Modifications for Boomers & Beyond which modifies homes to allow clients to remain in their homes independently and safely and I want to add assistive technology to my offers. Who do I contact for more info at GrandCare Systems? Contact or call 262-338-6147 and we can absolutely have someone get in touch with you about becoming a reseller or pair you together with an existing dealer/integrator!
3. How do you become a dealer?/em> Contact or call 262-338-6147. Dealer process is different for some of the other technologies. To become a GrandCare dealer, dealers must attend training, sign the dealer documents & purchase their 1st demonstration system. GCHQ will be hosting a dealer training at CEDIA on Tues Sept 21, 2010 from 930a – 5p. Contact us for more info!

4. Do you have any advice about how to discuss the term monitoring and big brother watching? Remote monitoring & smart systems in general have wireless motion/temp/door sensors that can assess the overall activity in the home. It is as intrusive as a security system. It simply alerts a family member or caregiver if something is amiss. Senior/Loved One compliance is very important and we recommend that they absolutely understand that this is an enabling technology that can help them to remain independent, while giving their children “peace of mind” knowing they are safe, happy & healthy at home. GrandCare has a LARGE socialization/cognition/communication component that really helps us to overcome this. With GrandCare, grandma gets to video chat & receive incoming communications…if the family is involved, this featured OVERRIDES all else…

5. Sounds like most of the info is in the east or mid states, is there info in the west? I am not sure I understand what kind of information you are referring to. We have dealers throughout the entire United States, Canada and Australia. All sorts of organizations are doing this kind of technology – really everywhere. The technology that I showed in the presentation ranged from Europe to the East coast, midwest with products also on the west coast being shown.

6. Have you seen any web sites or web services that are bringing this all together? AgeTek Alliance (, CAST – center for aging services technology, we try to help our GrandCare dealers by providing educational opportunities on how to partner with other organizations & provide a suite of products. We have weekly aging/tech conference call webinars open to everyone in the industry, we also host a monthly webinar for our GC dealers on marketing/sales, tech questions, etc – and have a dealer chat room and forum for dealers to communicate, cooperate, share information, ask questions, and access our documents/ppts/pics, etc

7. What are the franchise opportunities for the products? Many offer dealer programs. Those you will see at CEDIA have dealer opportunities available. Some have sales reps. Contact the specific company to find out details

8. What is the best way to jump start an AIP business and come up with prospects to talk to about systems for their loved ones? Make sure whichever program you join, they offer adequate training and materials. I know that some of our distributors offer a full range of “getting started” materials such as website options, sales/marketing & getting started training.

9. How can we demo your products?
What’s the best way for HH care companies and ESC’s to work together… so both can profit? What have you found to work the best?
Contact the companies you are interested in and see if you can see a demonstration. Many have recorded demonstrations you can watch – or attend CEDIA to see them LIVE in action, touch them, try them, ask questions. If you come on to our weekly aging technology industry call – you can ask questions on the public chat, network and learn more about the industry. Much of this is also covered in your training program.

10. When providing a system, what should we say is a basic or approximate cost? This really ranges on what you are selling. If you are selling a Personal Emergency Response System, that’s going to be a much lowered cost, vs a fully featured Smart Home/Communication/Tele-wellness System. Some systems have a high upfront cost and lowered monthly cost, some go for a lower upfront cost and higher monthly, some are offered with rental/leasing programs.

11. When you provide this presentation get a copy of the list of manufacturers and products–pictures were displayed but no mention of the products. Many of the products that are shown on the ppt were mentioned, but I did mention a few too that did not have a picture shown. If there’s anything specific you are looking for, just contact me: and I am happy to get you the information!

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